3 Tips for Planning a Great In-Home Dining Experience

At Purple’s Side of the Table, one of our most popular services is our in-home dining experiences. We have served as personal chefs at countless in-home dinner parties, and we have mastered the art of putting together great menus and hosting great events. In this article, we will go over three expert tips for planning your in-home dining experience in order to create a gathering that your guests will love.

  • Pick a Theme. When planning an in-home dinner party, we recommend choosing a theme. For example, you might want to create a menu of from a particular culinary tradition, such as French or Japanese cooking. Another possibility is creating a menu themed around seasonal ingredients, such as squash and apples for the fall or edible flowers for the spring.
  • Accommodate Your Guests’ Diets. When planning an in-home dinner party, we recommend asking about your guests’ dietary restrictions and planning a menu that will work for them. This doesn’t mean that every dish needs to be vegan or gluten-free, but if you are inviting people who need those types of dishes, make sure that they have that option.
  • Hire Professional Chefs. Lastly, we encourage you to consider hiring a professional chef to cook for your in-home dining experience. Not only will doing so remove a lot of the stress surrounding menu planning, but it will also give you more time and leisure to enjoy the party and converse with your guests.