Diet Tip: Hire a Personal Chef!

The hardest part of being on a healthy diet is trying to avoid grabbing unhealthy foods because you didn’t have the time to plan out meals and snacks. Heading home from work after a rough day and realizing you have nothing at home can make anyone hit up fast food or a take-out window. If you are having trouble even getting started on your diet because you feel overwhelmed with meal planning and preparation, here’s a great tip for you – hire a personal chef!

A personal chef will come to your home and prepare your meals and snacks for you. They can develop a menu to meet your dietary considerations, so you can easily stay on track. During your initial consultation, your personal chef will listen to what you want to accomplish and learn your food preferences, allergies, and other concerns, so every meal in the plan is perfect for your needs. And here’s an even better part – they bring their own equipment AND they clean up afterward! You’ll have all the meals you want ready to heat and eat!

When you hire a personal chef, don’t hesitate to discuss other ways they can help you succeed on your diet. For example, they may also be willing to handle the shopping for you so you aren’t tempted by the other foods at the market that you know will undermine your efforts. Another great option is having them proportion the meals so each one is the correct serving size.

Here at Purple’s Side of the Table, we are happy to work with those in the Charlotte, North Carolina area who want to hire a personal chef to aid with starting and keeping on a healthy diet. We can develop menus that will help you succeed while not feeling deprived. During your complimentary consultation, we’ll go over add-on services such as shopping and portion control. We can arrange to do one meal during a visit with up to 8 servings or additional ones at the same visit to save time and money. We take extreme pride in accommodating dietary restrictions, including allergies. Call us and let today be the day you get started on your diet!