we offer a customized meal prep service

There are several reasons why eating healthier is the way to go and most of us would agree that we’d love to do so, but obstacles get in our way from time to time. Instead of working on the challenges involved, a better option is a weekly meal prep service. Here are a few of the reasons why you should consider this option if your goal is to eat healthier.

  • End the Confusion- Once you and your meal prep service professional have outlined the objectives, you won’t have to think about it again. Those nagging questions each day of, “should I eat that?” are over. You can be confident that the meals prepared for you meet your goals.
  • Save Time- If you have ever swung into a fast food restaurant because you got off work late and haven’t the energy to plan and prepare dinner, you know how easy it is to fall off the healthy eating plan. Imagine having extra time every day because your meal prep service has done the bulk of the work for you.
  • Eliminate Waste- How many times have you shopped to fill the fridge only to have to toss things out later that didn’t get used? What about leftovers you ended up with because you made too much food and although you planned to eat them, never did? These are common situations in most households, but you can eliminate that waste with a weekly meal prep service with meals designed to be an ideal serving size for your situation.
  • Proportioned Meals- Not only can the meals prepared be healthy, but they’ll be in the right proportions for your goals so you can avoid overeating or having too much sodium, fat, or whatever other dietary concern you might have.

Utilizing a weekly meal prep service is ideal if you want to eat healthier to control weight, manage a health concern such as diabetes or high blood pressure, or to feel better overall. Here at Purple’s Side of the Table, we offer a customized meal prep service that will provide these benefits and more so you can spend less time planning, thinking about, and preparing meals. Contact us today to get started or get answers to any questions you may have.