our weekly meal prep service that can be tailored to your needs

It is interesting that someone can go from being the captain of the debate team in high school to not being able to convince their own family of anything. It is probably that we get more intimidated by our family, but it can also be that with debate you have time to formulate a solid argument for your stance, and most people don’t do that when presenting ideas to their families. So, here is your chance because we’re going into some ways to convince your family that you and they deserve a weekly meal prep service.

1.   We can have more time together for family activities if we don’t have to spend so much time shopping and preparing meals.

2.   We can all be healthier because we won’t be as likely to grab fast food or something else that we shouldn’t when a meal prep service has already provided healthy meals based on our personal taste.

3.   A meal prep service creates the meals in the correct portions, so we won’t overeat or have food go to waste.

4.   Our individual food likes and dislikes can all be accommodated by a meal prep service, so we each get what we will love to eat.

5.   A meal prep service is completely flexible. We can use it for every meal, just dinners, only a few nights a week, or whatever serves our needs best, so we aren’t losing any of the other things we enjoy, like eating out now and then.

6.   If we don’t eat out as much, we’ll save money, and that means we can afford a nicer vacation this year, a new television, or “fill in the blank with what they would want most.”

If these don’t get you the desired result of your whole family on board with a meal prep service when you hold a family meeting on the proposal, feel free to contact us at Purple’s Side of the Table, and we’ll be happy to help with more arguments to win them over. You can take advantage of our service once to show them what to expect and that can tip the scale quite well. Call today with any questions you may have about our weekly meal prep service that can be tailored to your needs.