How to Make Your Dinner Parties More than Memorable
If you love hosting dinner parties for friends and family, part of the reason why you enjoy them so much is because you get to create memories with the people you love. But part of making these memories also involves throwing an incredible dinner party that people will talk about for days and weeks to come.

If you have one or a few dinner parties on your upcoming schedule, here are a few ways to make them more than memorable:

  • Try to do as much preparation as you can before your guests arrive. For example, don’t try and set the table for your party as your guests start spilling in the front door.
  • Incorporate your personal style into your table settings. Use your dinner parties as an opportunity to bring out your best dishes and linens and incorporate your style to give the tablescape some flair.
  • Determine what you want to splurge on and what you want to save on. For example, having expensive dinnerware may be important to you, but having cost-effective linens may be fine with you.
  • Take the stress out of your dinner parties by hiring a personal chef to plan the menu and do all the cooking. Chef Purple loves cooking at dinner parties and is available to make your next gathering a success. Contact him today to start planning the menu for your next party.