Let the Beer Take Center Stage with Beer Pairing DinnersThere are literally thousands of books, magazines, and websites devoted to the proper pairing of wine with food. But what can you do when most of your guests would prefer a nice, cold beer instead? Rather than force them into something they won’t enjoy, consider letting beer take center stage instead. It might surprise you that beer paired well with a meal can elevate both the taste of the food and the beer. Also, it is easier than you might think due to the versatility of beer. After all, beer has been around for centuries and was rarely left out of feasts back then. Here are a few tips for putting together beer pairing dinners that will make for a memorable gathering.

If you have ever been to a wine tasting, you may have noticed that they begin with white wines and progress to reds. A similar method is recommended for beer. Start with something light and move into the more robust options later. What this means to your menu is pair a light beer with the appetizer, amber ale or similar beer with the main course, and a nice robust beer with a chocolate dessert. This plan will gently move the taste buds along rather than giving them a knockout in the first round that will dull the experience of the remaining courses. You should also consider the alcohol level to match well with the amount of food being offered. For example, a light meal would call for lower alcohol options than a hearty meal would.

The next tip for successful beer pairing dinners is calling a caterer with expertise in this area. Not only will you be assured of a proper pairing, but you’ll also get an exceptional meal that you can sit down and enjoy with your friends rather than scurrying around getting everything prepared and served.

If this tip makes sense to you, give us a call at Purple’s Side of the Table. Chef Purple has extensive knowledge about pairing the right beer to be both a flavor match and visual one. You’ll find working with us to be a pleasure as your menu is developed and plans are made. We team up with Charlotte, North Carolina’s top beer experts to provide you with beer varieties that are exceptional and sure to please your guests. Call today to learn more!