we’re the best with creative catering

There will always be situations where a formal, sophisticated catered dinner is called, but there are many other circumstances when a bit of creative catering is the ideal option. If you enjoy putting on the most unique party each time, you need a caterer that is on board with that challenge and ready to kick up the creativity a few notches. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Beer-Pairing Dinners- Whether for the ideal Oktoberfest party or anytime you plan to host a gathering where there are several beer drinkers on the guest list, this type of creative catering will be just the ticket. It might surprise you how many dishes go well with beer and the interesting menu that can be developed.
  • Interactive Cooking Classes- Catering doesn’t have to be with the chef doing all the work and the guests just eating the end result. It can be an amazing experience to bring them into the preparation of the meal, especially if you have friends that love to cook or would like to learn more.
  • Holiday Party Catering- If you struggle to come up with a meal that everyone in your family likes, it might be nice to turn it over to a creative catering professional to whip up dishes that are sure to please. Just give them a list of allergies and food dislikes/likes and let them do what they do best – be creative!

At Purple’s Side of the Table, we have a “can-do” attitude when it comes to catering. You can feel free to throw us any curveball as we’re the best with creative catering. Whether you have a unique challenge or want something that is over the top, our gregarious and fun Chef Ross will have no trouble making your gathering memorable. Reach out today to discuss what you have in mind and don’t hold back on using your imagination!