Now is a Great Time to Consider Interactive Cooking Classes

Are you avoiding restaurants because of the pandemic, but your family is getting tired of frozen pizzas and boxed macaroni and cheese? There is a solution that can make something good come out of this situation. With interactive cooking classes offered by our talented chef, Chef Ross Purple, you can become a wonderful cook and have a lot of fun doing it! At Purple’s Side of the Table, we understand that you’d like every meal with your family to be memorable because of the great food– not because you set off the smoke alarm!

With our interactive cooking classes, you can learn the basics and then go from there to a level that will overjoy your family and give you the confidence you need for any occasion. Rarely is it this much fun to learn a new thing– and from the comfort of your home! There are many ways to go about enjoying our interactive cooking classes. Chef Purple can do them one-on-one so that you can surprise your family with a mouthwatering meal. He can do them with a group so that you and your friends can have a memorable experience while refining your cooking skills. He can focus on one thing that has been driving you a bit crazy, like what in the world you should do with artichokes! Quite frankly, with his more than 20 years of culinary experience and eagerness to help, there’s very little that can’t be accomplished with interactive cooking classes.

Reach out today to discuss what you have in mind and make an appointment for one or more interactive cooking classes at your home.