Perfect Situations for Cocktail Party CateringIf you are throwing an impromptu cocktail party for a few close friends, throwing together a few appetizers yourself either from scratch or grabbed from the freezer section might be sufficient. We say “might” because it will depend largely on the tastes of your friends and your relationship with them. Some are quite content with a freezer meatball, but others would shun you for even considering such a faux pas.

If you are hosting a gathering involving people you really want or need to impress or want to treat them the finest way possible, the best course of action is cocktail party catering. Here are a few situations in which you’ll be glad you delegated this task to a professional:

  • Potential Client: Wooing a potential client can take more than just proposing what you or your company can do for them business-wise. Wining and dining has long been embraced as an effective way to show them how much you respect them and desire their business.
  • Client Appreciation: It is said that it takes far less effort to keep clients than to find new ones. A client appreciation cocktail party properly catered will project that you’re glad they have chosen you and continue to give you their business.
  • Meet the Future In-Laws: Getting on the good side of your future in-laws is never a bad idea. Letting them see you’re willing to go the extra mile to get to know them better can show you will put the same effort into your marriage. Remember to ask your future spouse about any food allergies, though!
  • Holiday Get-togethers: Any holiday is going to be more special with cocktail party catering. You can enjoy the festivities instead of being shut in the kitchen putting together food, which can be a huge task if you have a large family gathering.

These are just a few ideas for situations in which cocktail party catering is an ideal choice. Regardless of the reason for your gathering, there is only one perfect option for catering – calling us at Purple’s Side of the Table! Chef Purple has worked with many acclaimed chefs at some of the best culinary destinations throughout Charlotte, North Carolina, so we are confident that your cocktail party will be a huge success. If you’re looking for a memorable experience that is sure to impress, don’t hesitate to call us to get started on your menu!