theme ideas for beer pairing dinners

With so much attention on wine tasting and pairing, it is easy to forget that beer pairing dinners can also be a lot of fun for you as the host and for your guests. What is especially interesting is that you can create a theme for this type of gathering just as you would any other type of party, such as a cocktail party or dinner party. Often beer pairing dinners revolve around a sport, birthday party, or other event, but even in those instances you can toss a theme into the mix to elevate the experience. Here are a few theme ideas for beer pairing dinners.

  • Around the World- With so many beers being imported from around the world these days, you can create a theme that embraces one or a multitude of countries. Beer pairing dinners can pair an ethnic cuisine with the beers from that country as a great way to travel without leaving home.
  • Beer & Bacon- While the words just seem to go together, the entire meal doesn’t have to be about bacon. It can be any pork actually, including pork barbecue.
  • Beer on the Beach- A beach theme can be great fun for beer pairing dinners, with everyone attired in shorts and flipflops.
  • Beer & Bikers- Do you and your friends love to take motorcycle excursions? Consider a nice ride followed by a catered beer pairing dinner that is ready when you get back.
  • Beer & Brats- Seeing a pattern here yet? Beer seems to go quite well with a lot of other things that start with the letter B! Beer pairing dinners with a variety of brats to be washed down with the perfect beer is nothing short of a memorable day.

You won’t find a more jovial persona than our very own Chef Purple at Purple’s Side of the Table. With exceptional culinary skills and experience pairing beer with food, you can be sure that your beer pairing dinners will exceed your expectations and have your friends anxiously awaiting your next one. Talk to us about any type of theme you are thinking about, and we’ll make it happen!