dinner party catering services that meet your needs

It would be difficult for any professional to deliver what you expect if you don’t fill them in on what you want achieved. The same is true with dinner party catering. No two dinner parties are the same. They have different group profiles, varying occasions, size differences, and other aspects that are important to communicate with your caterer about. Here are a few of the things you should make sure to discuss as your dinner party enters the planning stage.

  • Group Profile– Imagine hiring a clown for a business meeting or having a speaker about global warming come to a children’s birthday party. That is about the same recipe for disaster as it would be to not discuss the dynamics of your dinner party with your dinner party catering professional. Do you want a relaxed or fun mood for a group of friends or a formal setting for impressing potential clients? Share the things your guests have in common and their interests, so your caterer has a good feel for the audience.
  • Dietary Preferences– A group of adventurous people wouldn’t be happy with an ordinary meal and a group of health-concerned guests wouldn’t appreciate a table laden with decadence they’ll feel guilty eating. By discussing the overall dietary preferences of your guests with your dinner party catering professional, the meal can be better matched.
  • Dietary Limitations– Always be certain you’ve learned of any dietary restrictions your guests might have, be they personal, allergies, or religious requirements, and relay those to your caterer so they know to avoid those as ingredients.

Here at Purple’s Side of the Table, we can help you create the perfect menu and provide the dinner party catering services that meet your needs down to the smallest detail. Chef Purple’s jovial personality is always well-received at dinner parties and he takes pride in accommodating guests with food allergies and dietary restrictions. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have or to reserve a date for your next dinner party.