What Type of Meal Prep Service is Right for You?It seems that every day another meal prep service company pops up and touts themselves as the solution for world hunger. Okay, maybe not world hunger, but at least the solution for your daily quandary about what to serve your family. Since your family is your whole world, you may be wondering which type will best suit your needs. Here are some of the types out there you can choose from:

  • Frozen, Pre-Cooked Meals – The advantage of these is they pop right in your freezer to grab when you need them. Most can be heated up in the microwave, making meals quick and easy. The disadvantage is the choices are generally limited, so matching your family’s preferences can be challenging. The added cost of shipping could be undesirable, too.
  • Fresh Proportioned Meals – This is a good option if you have the time to cook and love to do so. You’ll avoid the step of shopping for food, as well as planning out a meal. You’ll save on food loss as the meals are proportioned for the number of servings you need. The disadvantage is you can only shop for a few days’ worth at a time or the ingredients could spoil. This drives up shipping costs significantly. It may be a good option if you only want a couple of meals a week you don’t have to think about.
  • In-Home Meal Prep Service – The versatility of this option makes it ideal for nearly everyone. A professional chef comes to your home and prepares however many meals you need. They typically use their own equipment, which makes this a great option if you’re just setting up a home and haven’t gotten around to getting cookware yet. A huge advantage is that everything can be done based on your needs, including shopping for the ingredients, purchasing storage containers for you, and including fresh snacks and individual portioning. The initial consultation will go over the services offered and related costs, so you can choose what makes the most sense for you.

While you could choose a meal prep service that ships food to you, either fresh or cooked, you are spending much of your money on shipping. Let us tell you how you can have delicious meals for your family in Charlotte, North Carolina, thanks to the talents of Chef Purple here at Purple’s Side of the Table. We meet with you for a complimentary consultation and then create a custom meal plan. We can make one meal of up to 8 servings or multiple meals that you can store, which saves you both time and money. Call us today to learn more!