Why You Should Hire a Personal Chef
Whether you love to cook, truly hate to cook, or run into trouble even boiling water, there are many amazing advantages of having a personal chef cook for you either on occasion or a regular basis. In this day and age, many families are pressed for time. One way to save some time to spend on the things you enjoy doing together is to outsource certain tasks. You might already do that by hiring a landscaper, pool service, or housekeeper. Hiring a personal chef isn’t any different, especially when you consider the benefits you can experience.

First of all, if you are constantly ordering take-out or going to restaurants, you might have noticed two things. One, you are getting sick of the same old things from the same old places. Two, your budget is taking a significant hit above what you’d spend to purchase groceries, especially when you add in delivery fees and tips. You can gain back the wide variety of meals you’d have if you had the time to cook (or the energy or talent) by having a personal chef devise a menu plan and prepare the meals for you. You’ll probably save money too!

Additional benefits include eating healthier, avoiding cleaning up, less time needed to shop for food (the chef usually handles that!), and truly enjoying your family meals. If you would like to know more about the benefits of a personal chef, reach out to us at Purple’s Side of the Table. Chef Ross Purple is here to help you and your family enjoy delicious meals that are sure to impress. Whether you go for our in-home meal prep for your family’s dinners or have Chef Purple create a stunning meal for a few of your friends, you’ll be glad you outsourced this task into his talented hands.