In-Home Meal Prep Posted by Purple's Side of the Table February 26th, 2018

In-Home Meal Prep

Initially I would meet with you personally for a complimentary consultation to learn more about your goals & to see your kitchen. Then I create a custom meal plan, come to your home cook and clean up your kitchen on a regular basis – typically once per week, where I can make several meals. I can also make multiple meals to store, which saves you both time and money.

Even though I’m cooking in your kitchen, I will provide all of my own equipment (i.e., pots and pans.) All I ask is that you have a working stove and oven. If you would like me to prepare a meal where I’d use a grill, all you need to do is make sure there’s propane!)

If you want extra meals, you’ll need storage containers. I recommend reusable glass containers like Pyrex but disposable aluminum containers are a great option for some clients. I’m happy to purchase them for you, and can add the reimbursement cost to your order.

When it comes to the groceries you can provide them or I can shop at the store of your choosing and add reimbursement to your order, with a $20 shopping fee. There are also several options for grocery stores that offer curb side pick up and Amazon has great options for some basic pantry items.

Oils and condiments needed in substantial quantity for recipes should be part of the initial shopping.

My meal preparation fee for the first meal is $60 and will include up to 8 servings of that same meal. I typically prepare additional meals (always up to 8 servings) during the same visit and the fee structure is as follows; $55 for the second meal, $50 for the third. Freshly made snacks and/or portioning is another service I provide for a minimal additional fee (based on quantity etc…)

We take extreme pride in accommodating Allergies and Dietary Restrictions. Most recipes are easily modified. Talk directly w/ Chef Ross for a consultation about ingredients & preparation.

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