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Initially I would meet with you personally for a complimentary consultation to learn more about your goals & to see your kitchen. Then I create a custom meal plan, come to your home cook and clean up your kitchen on a regular basis – typically once per week, where I can make several meals. I can also make multiple meals to store, which saves you both time and money.

Even though I’m cooking in your kitchen, I will provide all of my own equipment (i.e., pots and pans.) All I ask is that you have a working stove and oven. If you would like me to prepare a meal where I’d use a grill, all you need to do is make sure there’s propane!)

If you want extra meals, you’ll need storage containers. I recommend reusable glass containers like Pyrex, but disposable aluminum containers are a great option for some clients. I’m happy to purchase them for you, and can add the reimbursement cost to your order.

When it comes to the groceries, you can provide them, or I can shop at the store of your choosing and add reimbursement to your order, with a $20 shopping fee.
There are also several options for grocery stores that offer curbside pickup, and Amazon has great options for some basic pantry items.

Oils and condiments needed in substantial quantity for recipes should be part of the initial shopping.

My meal preparation fee for the first meal is $60 and will include up to 8 servings of that same meal. I typically prepare additional meals (always up to 8 servings) during the same visit and the fee structure is as follows; $55 for the second meal, $50 for the third. Freshly made snacks and/or portioning is another service I provide for a minimal additional fee (based on quantity etc.)

I take extreme pride in accommodating allergies and dietary restrictions. Most recipes are easily modified. Talk directly w/ me for a consultation about ingredients & preparation.

Here are some of our most popular meal prep ideas. Keep in mind like all of my services, Whole30® meal prep is 100% customizable!

I can prepare your favorite Whole30® recipes from wherever you find them. I can also take your favorite dishes and potentially modify them so they’re Whole30® approved.


Scrambled eggs – I will prep ahead of time a variety of ingredients that you can quickly take out of the fridge and add to a scramble for a quick, easy and delicious breakfast.

Frittata – With so many different fresh ingredients you can spice up the traditional frittata… This is a go-to breakfast that only requires reheating. I also offer a frittata muffin that freezes well without losing any quality and is perfect to grab and go.

Fresh fruit – Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Pineapple or your favorite fruit can be cleaned and cut to your liking so that it’s available anytime you need it.

Home fries – Sweet potatoes or Yukon Gold. Almost fully cooked ahead of time…Home fries are something that’s easy to pull out of the refrigerator and heat up in the skillet in the morning. Cooking them as needed makes sure that they’re crispy and delicious.

Chicken, Apple & Walnut hash is a hearty breakfast & perfect for lunch. This easily reheats in just minutes.


Salads – When you have all of the ingredients on hand that you’ll you need to put together a great salad you’re so much more likely to enjoy this fresh, light and nutritious option for lunch or dinner. Ross can make so many delicious vinaigrettes and dressings that can be kept fresh in the fridge for weeks.

Creative ways to enjoy tuna salad – Mexican style with jalapeños, lime and avocado. Mediterranean style with Kalamata olive’s and red onions.


Snacking can be a great way to gently transition you into this new lifestyle your appetite will fluctuate in the first 2 weeks so consider having some of these things on hand.

Hard boiled eggs, Vegetables you can eat raw like carrots, celery, cucumber etc.. Fresh & dried fruit, Nuts and seeds & Butters, Avocado or Guacamole


Oregano scented Chicken meatballs or Chicken sliders are surprisingly great for breakfast and also equally as delicious for lunch or dinner.

Marinated and grilled chicken. Served up for lunch on a salad with a lemon vinaigrette with cucumber and dried fruit. Add Cauliflower rice and a green vegetable like asparagus and this becomes a perfect dinner.

Chicken Cacciatore with peppers onions mushrooms diced tomatoes is delicious when served with cauliflower rice or maybe some sautéed spinach.


Salmon can be prepared in the number of ways like pan-seared or roasted in the oven with the citrus marinade.

Fresh tuna is delicious on the grill or pan-seared.

Different varieties of white fish like cod, halibut, flounder, Haddock and scallops can all be prepared gently so that reheating keeps them moist and flaky.

Pesto shrimp or salmon is delicious with Vegetable Cauliflower “Rice”.
Whole30® – Paleo Meal Prep Services (Continued)

Vegetables & Starches

Blanched/steamed or Roasted vegetables can be easily reheated to accompany any lunch or dinner.

Asparagus, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, Beets, Zucchini, Summer squash, Butternut squash, Green Beans, Mushrooms, Peppers and Onions or Spaghetti Squash are a few to choose from.

Sweet potatoes – these can be a lifesaver… But they don’t have to be just simply baked. Here are a few ways we can prepare them for you – Stuffed (tons of variation s) Balsamic Roasted with Brussels Sprouts, Mashed with Caramelized Onions or Roasted.

Potatoes – Red Bliss, Yukon Gold, Purple Peruvian or Idaho Russets. Roasted, oven baked fries or mashed are just a few ways they can be prepared to turn a piece of chicken, steak, lamb, pork or seafood into a meal… The only other thing you’ll need is a delicious vegetable to round it all out.

Zucchini “Spaghetti” with a fresh marinara is a great accompaniment to grilled chicken, chicken/turkey or beef meatballs. With cherry tomatoes and fresh basil it goes great with a seared piece of salmon. Sautéed shrimp makes the Zucchini “noodles” a delicious Shrimp Scampi.
Whole30® – Paleo Meal Prep Services (Continued)

Red Meat

Braised beef brisket cooked with sweet potatoes or butternut squash or carrots.

Grilled steaks can be gently reheated for dinner or sliced thin and served with a great salad.

Does a good ole burger ever get tired? Eat it in a lettuce wrap, in between two portobello mushrooms or sweet potato “Buns”.

Nut Crusted Lamb chops are great w/ sweet mashed potatoes & asparagus.

A classic chili recipe can be prepared in a big batch and frozen so it can be easily thawed and heated up for dinner anytime.

Stuffed peppers with ground beef kale and butternut squash.

Shepherds pie is always a favorite. You change it up by making it with sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes. With lamb or bison instead of ground beef. This one pot dish is perfect for freezing dinner sized portions to be thawed and heated up.


Walnut, Pecan or Almond crusted Pork tenderloin can be served with roasted butternut squash and Brussels sprouts.

Pulled pork Carnitas.

Pork chops with a homemade spiced apple sauce.

Roasted pork shoulder with butternut squash kale and tomatoes.

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